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Christian Owens is a transgender speaker who uses his own personal journey of discovery to enlighten and inspire individuals and organisations.

Keynote Themes

  • Safe space to discuss terminology – An overview of the ever-changing language to provide you with knowledge and awareness of how to address and talk comfortably on the topic of gender identity

  • Sexuality versus Gender – Male, female, non- binary and understanding of the differences between identity and sexuality

  • Identity – The spectrum of identity and how this can change throughout the course of personal transition and discovery of your authentic self

  • Correct use of pronouns – Why these are important, the impact if mistakes are made and how this can be avoided

  • Courage change and empowerment – Christian has made significant changes to become the true and authentic person that he is. He provides an insight into the courage needed when facing the blockages, lack of understanding and discrimination and how this has empowered him to be the positive person that he is today, making significant and life changing decisions. Whether you are the person going through transition, or the employer, friend, family member, or colleague, Christian will provide you with a thought-provoking insight and the tools to assist you to discover, enlighten and inspire, yourself or others

  • Employer support – What you can do to increase value, progression and retention of staff, which includes visibility, support networks, education and training and celebration and recognition of transgender events

  • Legal rights in society and the workplace – An awareness and understanding of the legislation that can be used to protect and treat people respectfully

  • The treatment care pathway of a transgender person – A personal insight from the perspective of a transgender person, providing lived experience of the care pathway

  • The journey of transition in the police service – Christian talks openly about his journey as a serving transgender police officer

  • Police culture and the positive changes – How culture has changed and improved and the impact that he has made on those changes

  • Trans awareness & acceptance – Christian provides an awareness of the everyday difficulties faced by a transgender person and what you can do to support someone on their own personal journey of transition

  • Diversity Inclusion and Education in the workplace – How a positive and robust policy and transition plan can assist you to be an attractive employer who respects and enables your staff to progress and succeed

GenderSpace clients include...

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"Christian’s work with our school has been invaluable so far. Having our students listen to someone with lived experience has been phenomenal for all our pupils. For our pupils who are trans or who are questioning their gender identity, Christian has provided a successful role model who can answer questions from personal experience. For our other pupils he has been able to provide first-hand experience to raise awareness of what members of our trans community go through. Through our student focus group session, Christian was able to ask for feedback and recommendations for how our school can be more inclusive to all of our LGBTQIA+ pupils and he provided pupils with a safe space to meet others and communicate their own lived experience. Our work with Christian will be pivotal for how our staff and students move forward."     

Demi McIntosh, Personal Development Lead, Rainford High School, St Helens, Merseyside

"Christian delivered a series of trans awareness sessions for Riverside, a social housing provider with almost 3000 colleagues throughout March 2022. Attended by over 100 colleagues, comments included:

“I found it really engaging, inspirational, educational, emotional. Very well worth attending.”

“It's been very powerful, eye-opening and emotional too. A friend of mine is in the very first steps of transitioning as he identifies as a man but has very little confidence and support at the moment, so your presentation today has given me a lot of tools and available signposts for him.”

“Thank you so much for today, Christian, it’s been really powerful and helped me so much as a HR person in understanding how important support is in the workplace."

“A huge thank you. I have seen quite a bit trans awareness training over the years, and this has been by far the best." 


Christian is very professional and always delivers a great session, explaining all things trans including legislation, policy and terminology. He also shares his lived experience, which makes him unique from many other speakers or educators in this field. 

Indeed, we were so impressed, we have booked him again to deliver another week’s worth of trans awareness and education later this year, as we were so delighted with his sessions.

Book him - you won’t regret it!"     

Lyn Bowker, Equality and Diversity Manager, Michael Gill and Jenny Crocker

Co-Chairs of Spectrum, LGBTQA+ Colleague Network, The Riverside Group

"Absolutely amazing session with Christian at The Brain Charity. Truly inspirational and so informative. I feel I can relate so much more with my children’s struggles with their exploration of their beautifully unique identities. Thank you Christian. Please get that book published. You’re amazing."     

Mike Martinez, Counsellor, The Brain Charity, Liverpool

"Fantastic feedback from all present at your presentation, students and trainers. All officers from all forces in the UK should have the opportunity and fortune of benefitting from your delivery Christian. You effervesce positivity and strength!"     

Pauline Gerrard, Trainer & Investigator, Merseyside Police


"Wow, what an amazing morning spent with Christian; his bravery, strength and honesty to share the story of his transition to living as his authentic self is inspirational. Christian shared his own lived experiences as a trans man through a really engaging workshop. He is a true leader and a voice for trans inclusion. His workshop was enlightening, with real tips and support of how we as an organisation can be more inclusive and become better allies to our colleagues, trainees, and visitors."

Sarah See, Employment Development Coordinator, Strawberry Field Steps to Work Programme 


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